• Established in 2006, China Cube Water (CCW) started as a municipal wastewater treatment company, and introduced I Squared Capital, a US based private equity (PE) investment fund as its strategic investor. By end of 2018, ISQ acquired 100% share of CCW, making CCW its wholly-owned flagship platform company in environmental protection area. China Cube Water currently manages over 207,500 ton/day municipal and industrial waste water in China.


    I Squared Capital is an independent fund focusing on infrastructure investment around the globe. I Squared Capital closed its second fund of 7 billion USD in 2018. The company has seven office, 110 professionals and manages over 330 assets. In Asia, I Squared Capital also owns and manages co-generation of heat and power (CHP), renewable energy (solar and wind), telecom, data center, highway via multiple platform companies.

  • China Cube Water is headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, focuses on municipal and industrial waste water treatment. The company has invested, and is operating nine waste water treatment plants, with annual treatment capacity over 75 million tons, serving over 2 million population over four provinces in China.


    China Cube Water works diligently to ensure the waste water be properly treated and discharged meeting regulatory standards, supporting each city's development. We also explores other possible ways to further execute its missions in environmental protection. In 2019, the Company starts to install solar photovoltaic power generation system, to introduce renewable energy to its daily operation and reduce carbon emission.


    China Cube Water also provides its employees opportunities to develop their skills and to grow with the Company through a series of internal and external trainings.